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helminthR allows for the programmatic access of London Natural History Museum’s helminth database. This extensive database is composed of over 250,000 host-parasite occurrence records from all over the globe.

Author: Tad Dallas (Louisiana State University)


What is the Macroecology of Infectious Disease?  What is macroecology, and what can it tells us about infectious diseases?  This video reveals how a macroecological approach has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of disease diversity and distributions across the globe.

Produced by: Ania Majewska (University of Georgia)

Globalization and Infectious Disease Spread. This video describes how globalization is allowing new disease to spread from wildlife to human populations worldwide, using chikungunya as an example.

Produced by: Ania Majewska (University of Georgia)

Creature Cast. Human health, animal health and global environmental change inextricably intertwined at global scales.  This short video Introduces the One Health perspective.

Produced by: Jessica Fields, Kate Smith (Brown University)

Educational Materials

Host traits and parasite biodiversity. This module contains all of the material needed to incorporate a unit on host traits and parasite diversity into an undergraduate course focused on biodiversity, conservation, disease ecology or macroecology.  It includes a lecture on parasite biodiversity with accompanying notes and all of the data and R code needed to conduct a lab exercise. During the lab exercise students will use data that is provided and from online databases with computational analytic tools to: (1) learn how to synthesize large data sets to answer broad scale ecological questions, (2) develop and test hypotheses by performing statistical analyses to investigate the relationship between parasite diversity and sampling effort, host ecological traits and host extinction risk.

Authors: Shan Huang (Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre, Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung), Carly Strasser (Data Observation Network for Earth, University of New Mexico), Stephanie Hampton (Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach, University of New Hampshire), and Sonia Altizer (Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia)

Global Homogenization of Disease. This power point presentation includes material that can be used to develop a lecture on disease globalization.

Author: Kate Smith (Brown University)



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